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Dec 20, 2012 4:00am PST
vacuum to the onboard vacuum port and dramatically cut down dust and debris. >> with the versacut having the vacuum attachment, it sucks 90% of the dust. so your cleanup is minimal. >> announcer: make long cuts, quick cuts, angle cuts, plunge cuts, even cut places other power saws can't reach. versacut is built to make them all easy, every time. it's so innovative, it's the recipient of the prestigious popular mechanics editor's choice award. versacut does the job of your circular saw, chop saw, table saw and tile saw. that's over $900 worth of power tools all in one compact, powerful package that can do jobs those other saws can't handle. but versacut only costs a small fraction of those other power tools. act right now and you can have your very own versacut for only three easy payments of $39.95. that's an amazing value. you'll get the durable, versatile, powerful versacut power saw, featuring the all-metal blade guard and precision plunge depth setting, the simple-to-use edging guide for long straight cuts, the precision laser guide for perfect cuts every time, the no-mar base
Dec 28, 2012 4:30am EST
. >> just four days left to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> possible port strike could paralyze the eastern seaboard. >> we are checking on your morning commute. we do have a problem in annapolis. w=!n [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 5:00 a.m. >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. it is purple friday. but first the weather. >> we are watching another chance for snow on
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2